In the public meeting of the Islamic Consultative Assembly, the oil minister announced Petropars’ and NIOC’s efforts to increase production in order to deal with the gas imbalance.

According to the report of Public Relations and International Affairs of Petropars Group, Oji attended the public meeting of the Islamic Consultative Assembly on 8 October. In a part of his report, he announced the efforts to resolve the gas imbalance in winter and said, "This year, our colleagues in the Ministry of Petroleum have made short-term plans to resolve the gas imbalance problem in this cold season".

He added, "This year, the 1st phase of South Pars Phase 11 development project will be put into operation with the efforts of Petropars and NIOC staff with a daily extraction of 14 million cubic meters". The oil minister also said, "74 to 75 percent of the gas needed in Iran is supplied from the South Pars joint field".

Farrokh Alikhani was appointed as the CEO of Petropars Company by a decree from the CEO of Nico Company.

Ali Akbar Pour Ebrahim has stated in his decree: "Considering your commitment, expertise and valuable experience and as approved by the General Assembly of Petropars Company, you are hereby appointed as the CEO and a core member of the Board of Directors of Petropars Company."

That company’s duties include the following:

- Diligent implementation of the company’s plans and projects under way, especially highly prioritized plans and joint fields,

- Maintaining and developing valuable human resources of Petropars Development Company,

- Transferring and localizing knowledge and new technologies in the implementation of plans and projects, and

- Creating a structure and organization for the presence of the company in intermediate projects of the oil industry,

In the end, I emphasize the employment of committed, specialized and highly motivated forces and wish the increasing success of you and all colleagues. Finally, I appreciate the valuable services provided by Dr Ghalavand during his tenure as the head of Petropars Company.

The CEO of Petropars Operation and Management Company (POMC) announced the startup operation of Polymer Padjam Complex by this company.

According to the report of Public Relations and International Affairs of Petropars Group, Amir Shahram Zaman pointed out that this operation was initiated following the conclusion of a contract with Padjam Polymer Development Padjam and said, "According to the job description of the contract, this petrochemical complex will be completed within 18 months and it will be put into operation by POMC with activities such as pre-commissioning operation monitoring, commissioning operation implementation, start-up and quality performance test".

Zaman stated that the complex was built on an area of 15 hectares in the 2nd phase of the Pars Special Economic Zone in Asaluyeh and said, "With the operation of this complex, about 200,000 metric tons of ABS and about 60,000 metric tons of rubber are produced annually, which will prevent a significant withdrawal of currency from the country".

It should be noted that POMC is one of the few experienced and capable Iranian companies in the field of pre-commissioning, commissioning and operation of upstream and downstream complexes of the oil and gas industry.

Emphasizing the revolutionary measures taken in the development of phase 11 of South Pars, the oil minister announced the completion of the first phase wells within the next month and the possibility of extracting 11 million cubic meters of gas daily from this winter.

According to the report of Public Relations and International Affairs of Petropars Group, in part of his speech in the live television program, referring to the delay in the development and operation of South Pars Phase 11 in the past, he said: In this government, revolutionary work is done by the company. It happened with National Iranian Oil Company, Pars Oil and Gas Company and with Petropars as a contractor, and with the initiative of local experts, platform 12C from the phase 12 development plan, which did not increase productivity, will be assembled and installed in position 11B.

He added: "The other platform has also gone to tender and it will take several years to be built." The sea to land pipeline was implemented and the first phase wells will be completed within the next month.

The oil minister further said about the measures taken for the development of phase 11 of South Pars in the 13th government: Now 705 million cubic meters are extracted from the South Pars gas field, the record of this extraction was changed last year, and the only phase that is undecided is this phase 11, which is 20 years old. It has become a charm and has been exchanged between foreign companies in these years and nothing has happened to it.

Mr, Oji also said about the forecast of the harvest from this phase: This winter, South Pars will harvest 11 million cubic meters per day from Phase 11.