Farrokh Alikhani was appointed as the CEO of Petropars Company by a decree from the CEO of Nico Company.

Ali Akbar Pour Ebrahim has stated in his decree: “Considering your commitment, expertise and valuable experience and as approved by the General Assembly of Petropars Company, you are hereby appointed as the CEO and a core member of the Board of Directors of Petropars Company.”

That company’s duties include the following:

– Diligent implementation of the company’s plans and projects under way, especially highly prioritized plans and joint fields,

– Maintaining and developing valuable human resources of Petropars Development Company,

– Transferring and localizing knowledge and new technologies in the implementation of plans and projects, and

– Creating a structure and organization for the presence of the company in intermediate projects of the oil industry,

In the end, I emphasize the employment of committed, specialized and highly motivated forces and wish the increasing success of you and all colleagues. Finally, I appreciate the valuable services provided by Dr Ghalavand during his tenure as the head of Petropars Company.