The CEO of Petropars Group visited this project to check the latest status of the central processing unit project of the joint oil field of South Azadegan.

According to the report of Public Relations and International Affairs of Petropars Group, on Thursday, the 23rd of September, Dr. Alikhani; CEO of Petropars Group along with Mr Saidi; CEO of Petropars Iran, Mr Zaman; The CEO of Petropars Operation and Management Company (POMC) and a group of other managers of Petropars Group visited this project with the aim of checking the latest status of the project, evaluating the results of previous visits and reviewing the work description and defined plans.

In this visit, after the field investigation and attendance in its various parts in a meeting attended by Mr Sharifi; CEO of Oil Engineering and Development Company (text) and senior managers of both companies as employer and contractor, the reports presented by the project managers were reviewed and the results of the decisions of the past visits and its impact on the progress of the project were measured and then corrective solutions for Acceleration of the project implementation process was provided.