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Core Competencies of POMC
September 20, 2022
September 20, 2022

POMC Composed of Skillful Manpower With High Experience

POMC has gathered management, operations, instrument, electrical, maintenance and mechanical specialists.

POMC Company is the first Iranian entity that offers a wide range of commissioning, operation and maintenance services. Our client’s base includes EPC Contractors, Oil, Gas & Petrochemical Development Companies, power plant and Refinery Facilities. POMC Company offers our client base services that would resolve all Process problems until optimum operation performance is achieved .

We believe that experience, training and expertise gained over the years, is a valuable Possession. The energy industry has become global. A great number of companies have been forced to decrease or delay their operations or communicate new operational approaches .

Our company was established to offer services to the companies which have changed our company the best, in the field of energy .

This company is able to introduce the most competent professionals to you. By completion of the project, it would be very difficult for us to replace any other individual instead of our personnel, in each working situation .



• Contribute to the Economic Growth of Iranian Oil & Gas Industries

• Foster Human Resources as key person in these fields



• To be the preferred producer by maximizing customer's profit

• Safe Commissioning & Start up

• Maximize the production / Reduce cost

• Establish optimum process

• Bring benefit to Client / Local community

Core Competencies of POMC

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