September 20, 2022
CEO Message
September 20, 2022

South Pars Gas Field Development Phase 19, onshore Facility

Preparation of system and sub-systems definition and P&ID's mark-up  -

Preparation of Commissioning, Start-up and Performance Test data bases  -

Preparation of MDR including Pre-Commissioning, Commissioning Procedures, Operational Test Procedure  -

"Review of "Operating Manual's  -

Commissioning and Start-up Management Software (ICAPS) to be populated  -

(Check List Forms Preparation (ICAPS  -

(Test Sheet Forms Preparation (ICAPS  -

Participate in construction meeting and lead performance team according to pre-commissioning & commissioning procedures  -

.Managing and supervision of safety & health systems, environment protection and Fire Fighting -

.Supervision and implementation of HSE activities at site -

.Managing & operating all professional hygiene of refinery -

Supervision of Pre-Commissioning -

Execution of Commissioning -

Execution of Start-Up -

Execution of Performance Test -

Execution of Preservation in Warehouse and Supervision of Preservation at Site -

Mobilizing and Operation of Maintenance Workshop -