September 20, 2022
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September 20, 2022

South Pars Gas Field Development Phases 6, 7, &8 - Onshore – Phases 1 to 10 - Offshore

• Data collection, data processing, data entry, creating a powerful data bank of technical documents, creating hierarchy & implementation of system & software - (EDMS)

Selected software by client:FileHold

• Create hierarchy of tags (Pyramid) and needed documents of them.

• Definition of all items in store, all spare parts, special tools & etc. and link them to relevant tags.

• Data collection, data processing & data entry of tags and planned preventive maintenance (PPM), implementation of system & software.

Selected Software by client: MAINTA

• Data gathering, data processing and data entry of design and performance information of equipment such as pressure vessels, piping, safety valves & heat exchangers.

• Assessment probability of equipment's failure (according to API-581).

• Assessment result of equipment's failure.

• Risk analysis for equipment.

• Creating PPM based on risk for equipments.

Selected software by client: GALIOM

Learn More About Asset Management

Asset Management

In the petroleum, natural gas and petrochemical industries, great attention is being paid to safety, reliability and maintainability of equipment. In this respect, data on failures, failure mechanisms and maintenance related to these industrial facilities and its operations have become of increased importance. Various analysis methodologies are used to estimate the risk of hazards to people and environment, or to analyze plant or system performance. For such analyses to be effective and decisive, equipment reliability and maintenance (RM) data are vital. These analyses require a clear understanding of the equipment technical characteristics, its operating and environmental conditions, its potential failures and its maintenance activities. It is necessary, therefore, to view data collection as a long-term activity, planned and executed with appropriate goals in mind. At the same time, clarity as to the causes of failures is key to prioritizing and implementing corrective actions that result in sustainable improvements in reliability, leading to improved profitability and safety. A cost-effective way to optimize data requirements is through industry co-operation. To make it possible to collect, exchange and analyze data based on common viewpoints, a standard is required .


Road Map of Asset Management Project

• Data gathering from all the equipment to provide a hierarchical list of all equipment for entering into software.

• Criticality analysis on all equipment and categorized into Vital, Critical and secondary in order to achieve effective Maintenance.

• Gathering and processing documents in order to implement document management control.

• Analyze all equipment in order to achieve proactive maintenance, predictive maintenance, preventive maintenance, Reactive maintenance & etc .

• Analyze all equipment in order to have minimum storage of materials in warehouse.

• Determine minimum and maximum of material in warehouse.

• Implement best Work Flow Management according to client requirement .

• Work Requests and Work Orders Planning Management .

• Procurement and Stock Management .

• Request for Purchase Management .

• Produce Maintenance Tasks & Scheduling.

• Create Maintenance procedures according to Key Performance Indicators.

• Implement Maintenance Management System.

• Maintenance Cost Management.

• Maintenance Human Resource Management.

• Control and Monitoring of Maintenance as per client user requirements.

• Select and develop CMMS Software according to client requirements.

• Select and develop RBI Software according to client requirements.

• Select and develop RCM Software according to client requirements.

• Select and develop EDMS Software according to client requirements.