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September 20, 2022
POMC Projects
September 20, 2022


 The objective of the corporate occupational health department is to advise people in change how to achieve and maintain optimum health and productivity for employees through provision of expert medical and occupational hygiene and public health advice. 

POMC corporate occupational health department provide advice and assistance with respect  to :  

- Health surveillance before recruitment and periodic examination . 

- Promote employee wellbeing and healthy living . 

- Advise on ergonomic issues . 

- Health risk assessment (HRA). 

- Control of exposure. 

- Information, instruction and training. 


.POMC is to preserving the sustainability of the environment and seeks to maintain clean land for generations to come.   

If follows any necessary measures based on related national and international laws, rules and regulations. 

Within this context, the company accentuates the ensuing cases in order to ensure a sustainable environment throughout its project sites: 

- Developing an environment friendly culture throughout the course of execution of projects 

- Preventing and limiting the release of poisonous gases 

- Avoiding any type of water and air pollution 

- Periodic assessment of environmental actions

HSE Sustainable development process


• Motivation

• Sustainable Development


• System

• Facility

• Personnel


• Risk Management (Human risk,Mechanical risk )

• Emergency Response

• Accident Investigation -

• Management of Change -

• Communication -

• Contractor Management -


• Policy & Goat

• HSE Organization

• Education & Exercise (Training)



- Periodic Safety & Health Education (Field workers)

- Manager Safety & Health Education (Managers above assistance manager)

- Special Work Safety & Health Education: Hot work, high place work, closed space work

- New-starter Safety & Health Education

- Work Change Safety & Health Education


- Fire Fighting drills  1-Self fire-fighting drill: Quarterly  2-Joint with local fire station: A year  3-Escape drill for gas leaking: A year

- Process emergency operation drill: in case of need

Measuring & Monitoring

- Feild patrol

• Shift patrol

• Day worker patrol

• Manager patrol: 2 times a week

• Monthly patrol: company TFT

- System Audit

• R.0 Audit: Semiannual, 4 codes

• Employee health & safety

• Process safety

• Emergency response

• Pollution prevention

- Safety Work Supervision

• Safety work procedure & guide line

• Special safety work: S.E team and Field team closed checking

HSE Training Course

• Safety induction

• H2S Awareness

• Job Safety Analysis

• Risk Assessment

• CO2 System

• Fire & Gas system

• Process & Mechanical Isolation

• Nitrogen Purging/Dilution Purging

• Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS)

• Confined Space Safety

• Authorized Gas Testing (AGT)

• Fire Fighting, Basic & Advanced

• Rescue at Height

• La b Safety

• Emergency Response Plan & Emergency Evacuation

• Permit to Work (P1W)

PTW Procedure

A permit to work system is designed to ensure that all necessary actions are taken before, during and after Most of task on plant.

Permit to work are formal documents specifying the work to be done and Precautions to be taken. Work can only start when safe procedures have & ben defined and put in place .

The permit provides a clear written Record, signed by responsible person that all foreseeable hazards have been considered and all necessary .

HSE Procedure

• Permit to work

• Emergency response plan

• Process & mechanical isolation

• Nitrogen purging

• Scaffolding

• Work at height

• Confined space Entry

• Rigging lifting


• Nondestructive test (RI)

• Excavation

• Hot tap

• Electrical isolation (low voltage High voltage

• Defensive driving

• Gas In procedure

• Pressure test, hydrostatic & Pneumatic