Conclusion of the Contract for Development of Phase 11 of South Pars Gas Field

Kooshk Garden of the Petroleum Ministry hosted an international event yesterday July 3, 2017 to conclude the first gas contract ever concluded after the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPA) in conformity with the new oil contracts scheme.

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POMC’s and KCT’s Active Participation at Kish Energy Exhibition

The “13th Kish Energy International Exhibition” with the main objective being “Investment in Iran” was held for 4 days to introduce Iran’s capabilities in the fields of oil, gas, water, electricity and renewable energies. POMC and KCT attended the Exhibition to expose their capabilities in oil and gas fields.

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without Presence of Foreign Advisors

Liquid Propane and Butane Processing Units of Phase 19 Refinery Was Commissioned

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Percentage Of POMC's Projects Progress Until May 2019

  • PH(6.7.8)-CMMS100%
  • Precommissioning of PH12100%
  • Commissioning of PH12100%
  • Engineering services of PH19-ICAPS100%
  • Precommissioning of PH1998%
  • Preservation of PH1998%
  • Commissioning & Pre-Strat up of PH1994%
  • EDMS,CMMS,RBI Project of PH1287%
  • Start up & Performance of PH1987%
  • MEG of PH19 & PH1290%

Phase 19 Were Inaugurated by President Rouhani

Commissioning of Phases 17-18, Phase 19 and Phases 20-21 as well as Phase 1 of the Project for Development of Output and Production from oil layers of South Pars Gas Field was inaugurated by President Rouhani on Sunday, April 16, 2017 (Farvardin 26, 1396).

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